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Custom Mahogany Deck – Portsmouth, NH

These clients brought us back after doing a custom fence for them in 2022. Looking to revamp the deck space of their kitchen, also increase the garden interaction factor. SCCB designed and built this deck with beautiful Mahogany (Meranti) decking, railing, trellis & lattice work.

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Key-Hole Raised Bed – Portsmouth, NH

This garden bed was designed and built by SCCB, spring 2023. The second key-Hole raised bed by SCCB. All cedar & Douglas fir construction for natural materials. Logs, sticks, leaves, etc used to build bed structure, increase soil moisture, provide microbial habitat and lower demand of quality imported loam. 16’x12′ foot print. Can be scaled up or down.

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Pool Deck – Barrington, NH

Summer 2023 – SCCB was contacted by homeowner who had parted ways with home builder. Farmers porch was mostly complete, and they had lots of materials onsite for us to work with. We were able to complete the vision of a three story side deck, connecting pool, living room & primary bedroom.

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Mahogany Deck Rebuild/Refinish – Rye, NH

This homeowner was looking to update the decks all around this home in Rye. 4 in total, all in unique states of distress. We decided to sand, strip & paint the two main entrance decks; taking advantage of the quality wood structure but hiding the heavy wear and tear of previous bad finish choices. For the largest deck out back, we elected to go with a chemical wash/restore/refinish approach using power washer & new stain. We sanded and re-painted the white railings. For the final deck, the smallest of them all, we decided to rebuild it with new mahogany decking boards and trim elements.

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Cedar Deck, York ME

We were brought onto this project after most of the rough framing was completed. The deck had also been waterproofed but that required some serious intervention. Anyhow, we were able to integrate the Trex RainEscape system between the joist and re-waterproof the structure. This allowed for a dry space below with some flush ceiling lighting. The rainwater from above is directed to the visible gutter below and then the garden via rain chain. It makes for a very nice main entrance from the driveway. Ceiling and upper decking both Western Red Cedar, herringbone detail & large railing cap both Mahogany. Custom steel railing system with stainless steel cables fabricated onsite by SC Custom Builds. All siding replacement & integration also by SC Custom Builds. Matching mahogany front storm door built by someone else, but we added some trim elements at the home owners request. Overall one of my favorite jobs, a very creative and fun homeowner brainstormed with us and then let us run wild.

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Timber Frame Roof & Railing on existing deck

This is another multi phase project from Seattle in 2017-2019. The cedar fence and gate I built can be seen in one of the photos. Clients had us back 2 years later to finish a deck job they after separating from the deck contractor. Although not perfect, we decided to keep most of the deck platform and move forward with the roofing structure and railing systems designed and built by Sean Carney.

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Fence, Rock Walls & Raised Bed

While in business in Seattle I specialized in what I coined “back yard remodels”. This project is a great example of the process. We graded the land and used terraced stone walls to reclaim previously unused, sloped semi forested space. We updated the perimeter and added privacy with new modern cedar fencing. We also built a ‘keyhole’ raised garden bed in the new usable flat space to increase interaction and therefore resiliency in the newly claimed yard space.

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Custom Concrete Fire Pit, Cedar Fence & Paver Deck

Another multi-phased property from my years in Seattle. We started work on this property by building the fence in 2017. Then came back for a deck in 2018… and finally this custom fire pit in 2019. A very consistent clean and modern look all around on this property owned by a graphic animator. The paver deck is certainly unique and I’d love to do another one!

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Fencing Highlights

My first company was a fencing business in Seattle. These are some of my favorite photos of my 3 summer stint of mostly fencing. All fences shown are Western Red Cedar. All fences shown were custom, designed and built by Sean Carney 2017-2019.

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Hog Panel Fence, Cedar Deck & Little Free Library

We wrapped this property in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Cedar framed hog panel fencing along the front, privacy cedar fencing along the alley way with two custom gates. We redid the entry deck with cedar decking. Custom made a small “timber frame” little free library with in-layed sheathing for the front curb.

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Deck, waterproof deck. – Lake Stevens, WA

Large deck with an elastomeric membrane waterproof decking surface. Custom railing system with powder coated steel pipe. Large PT engineered beams for up to 18′ spans between post. We also excavated a hill side and installed a retaining wall to create a storage space under the deck.

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Heirloom Swing Restoration

This family heirloom swing was built by a friends grandfather, George Noble Steelman. A few years after George’s passing, a tree fell on the swing, rendering it completely unusable.

If you look closely in some photos, you can see the new wood construction. One of the two swings was completely spared in the accident which allowed me to use it as a template. It was a lot of fun to learn from the skills of George while rebuilding this swing of his that his granddaughter held so near and dear. Pictures say it all.

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Custom Cedar Fence, Trellis walk way & Rock Garden/Bench

This multi-phased project includes photos spanning 3 years. Starting with some custom rock work and a cedar trellis covered walk way, we ended this project with a beautiful (my personal favorite) custom cedar fence. Fence is topped with a custom fabricated steel lattice which was powder coated. The gardening skills of these home owners really helped take this project to new heights.

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